Ross Campbell’s seminal…


– An Extensive Handbook For All Singers and Their Teachers

The Premium colour makes diagrams so much clearer

  • Having complex anatomy and physiology explained in easy to understand terms makes all the difference,
  • and having them in full colour not only looks great,
  • but helps the reader further understand, and immerse themselves in advanced vocal learning.  

With over 220 pages this is a class leader

  • With any book on the voice and singing, “size,” certainly does matter! 
  • Many books leave the reader with gaps in their knowledge, but with his class leading 225 pages, Ross Campbell takes the reader through all elements of the voice.
  • He brings together other well documented “methods,” explains how the voice develops in different phases of life, and offers extensive repetoire advice for singers of all types. 

A premium colour hardback on the voice & singing is rare, having an eBook version also, is rarer still….

In the same way we wanted to create a real “Rolls Royce,” of a hardback,  we did the same with the design of the eBook/Digital version.

  • It is downloadable on ANY device: iPhone, Android, Tablet or PC.
  • A fully interactive menu gets you to where you want in the book with a simple “click.”
  • Fully illustrated, again in brilliant colour, this version beautifully accompanies the hardback. 

EVEN better than all of the above, this version is INCLUDED FREE OF CHARGE with EVERY Hardback purchase exclusively through this website!! This saves the customer £25! 


Though there are other well written books on the voice, and singing out there, we truly believe that this work is a genuine class leader:

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