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An Extensive Handbook For All Singers And Their Teachers

By Ross Campbell

Ross Campbell, Professor of Singing at The Royal Academy of Music London, is recognised by leading authorities around the world as an expert in this field.  This book is the culmination of over 30 years teaching, research and knowledge which will raise the standard of vocal performance for all.

“Well written beautifully illustrated, and containing a variety of exercises and repertoire suggestions, his book is a must-have for any singing teacher or serious student of singing.”

 S. McBride

In the absence of the book itself....

Though many books have been written on singing, the voice, singing methods, and vocal physiology, Ross Campbell’s seminal work is a game changer.

We have spared no expense on the production and design of this hardback, indeed all our hardbacks are printed to order, ensuring quality.

Please have a look at the short video review here which we hope will give you a better idea of: 

  • The size and sturdiness, enabling ease of use on music stands during lessons, not to mention making diagrams and exercises clearer.
  • The extent of the contents, covering ALL “Vocal bases.” Very few books on singing or the voice have over 220 pages. Even fewer are written for all, in premium colour, and bring together various methods. 
  • The “colour,” which brings out the lessons, and makes physiological diagrams so much easier to follow and understand.



  • Detailed anatomical diagrams in premium colour & how the voice works
  • How to train all voice types
  • Extensive series of explained and notated Vocal Exercises
  • How to troubleshoot all of those niggling vocal problems
  • How the singing voice develops from birth to death
  • The Psychology of Singing
  • Repertoire advice
  • An extensive Appendix of vocal composers, genres & styles

All beautifully presented in a premium colour hardback edition. 

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Meet The Author

Ross Campbell

With his vast experience spanning 35 years as a classical performer and teacher, Professor of Singing, Ross Campbell has created an essential read for all singers, teachers, music directors, and actors alike.

In this exciting book, Ross Campbell deals with all genres and styles of music, providing the reader with the practical tools to support the technical information contained inside, and making it easily accessible for all.


26th April 2018

Ross Campbell was featured by the National Newspaper  THE TIMES in a DOUBLE PAGE spread on Thursday April 26th 2018!
Journalist Will Hodgkinson was a self confessed awful singer, but a couple of hours with Ross got him sounding like a pro!


G.Bremner - Il Tenore (M) Professional Vocalist and Performer (UK)

“I have had the very great privilege of working with Ross Campbell, and can vouch that he is one of the best vocal coaches around. I have now purchased his latest publication as I believe it to be a go to reference for any professional vocalist who wants to understand, and extract the maximum potential from their vocal instrument. I believe Ross Campbell to be at the very top of his profession.”

Una Barry Professional Soprano, Singing Teacher & Examiner(UK)

“- it’s very good.. It’s what we all need in British English terminology if only to keep up with the American research, and their more physiological and anatomical approach to singing. I have never met Ross so I’m not here waiving the flag for someone to make money, just someone who has done the work and willing to get this out to everyone, and it’s worth it.”

R. Povel (M) Teacher Of Jazz Vocals @ Conservatorium Maastricht, (NL)

“Thank you so much for your work. I have just purchased the e-book, and I am now reading it. Clear language, good build up, just the right amount of information for each section, clear pictures. a.s.o. I will absolutely recommend it to my students at the Maastricht Academy of Music of Zuyd University, NL. Congratulations!”

P. Almond (M) Vocal Tutor & Professional Musician (UK)

“I have recently purchased this e-book and all I can say is, you won’t be sorry. I love this book, only part way through and I have learnt a lot. Every page so far has come with exciting new ways to explore the voice and how to get the best sound. I’m really looking forward to professional development this year.”

S. McBride (M) Professional Singer (UK)

“Ross Campbell’s book draws on his extensive knowledge and experience as a singer, researcher and teacher to provide a guide to training the singing voice that is both accessible and highly detailed. The author shows  how the work of Husler and Estill and the teachings of the Bel Canto school can be used together to build and maintain a voice and prepare it to sing any genre of music – quite a feat given that these methods of vocal pedagogy are often taught in isolation.

 Well written beautifully illustrated, and containing a variety of exercises and repertoire suggestions, his book is a must-have for any singing teacher or serious student of singing.”

M. Rayner (F) Professional Actor and Singer (UK)

“I received this book as a Christmas gift and I pretty much didn’t stop reading it from the moment I opened it! Knowing I can read it whenever I want and learn from his expert advice seriously fills me with confidence. It’s a fantastic book!”

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