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How do I download my eBook or REPERTOIRE?

All digital downloads will be available after payment has gone through, in the MY ACCOUNT area of the “”

Login to your account, and click on the DOWNLOADS tab in the side menu. Your eBook will be there. Double click to download onto any device.

CLICK here to go to LOGIN to your account

Where is the Hardback available in the world?

ALL hardbacks are PRINTED TO ORDER to ensure the highest quality, and are available for 2nd class, non trackable delivery WORLDWIDE.

Delivery times vary greatly across the world, but certainly allow 14 days + if you live outside the EU for your book to arrive.

I'm having payment issues? Ie: Payment is not going through, and/or I can't enter my details what can I do?

The first thing to say is that it’s very unlikely that there are GLOBAL problems affecting the whole site, and/or customers.
If we find any serious errors, we shut down the site for maintenance.

With that being the case, ANY payment, or form entering issues (eg: entering your shipping, or billing details) are probably “local,” and usually fixed by either refreshing the page, or “clearing your cache,” or both!

Try doing that, then start again (annoying though that is, this is mercifully rare, and we thank you in advance for your patience!)

For your security, and consumer protection, we at Novordium Publishers, do NOT have access to your payment details, NOR do we process payments. Paypal and Amazon pay, which are “third party,” payment processors handle this, and so COULD have specific, individual issues, with your order.

However again 99% of issues get fixed by refreshing, and clearing cache. IF this doesn’t work, please contact us directly at

My ebook needs a "password," to open it? Is that right?

ALL digital documents are protected from editing, and printing to protect our own © and Intellectual property, BUT do NOT require a password to open.

Sometimes if you accidentally “treble,” click instead of “double clicking,” on the document, it OPENS, but then also tries to open the “EDIT,” function.

At that point it will ask for a password. If you click on the “X,” to close/cancel the password prompt, the eBook should be open in the background, or able to be opened and read as normal.

The eBook's price is still being ADDED when I try to purchase the Hardback in USD $?

Sincerest apologies for this! That should NOT be the case!

We have sometimes seen issues like this when customers try to check out paying in USD $.

We do not see the same thing when purchasing in GBP £?

As of 22nd June 2020, we are working hard to fix this issue when it arises, and would still suggest trying to “refresh,” the page and/or clear cache to see if that fixes the issue

In the meantime we would be happy to MANUALLY process any USA/USD $ Hardback purchases using our link.

Please contact us using our email with the subject line “USD $ HARDBACK PURCHASE”

When I try to read my ebook, it says "no file," available (or words to that effect?)

Try downloading the digital file again, as there can sometimes be slight interruptions in internet signal, which can cause errors.

To check, the validity of the download on a PC, Laptop, or tablet, hover the cursor over the file name.

If the file is not corrupt, it should show a file size in MB (the eBook is 6MB)

If downloading again doesn’t work, please contact us directly at

We’d be happy to help!


  • Video 1Accessing and downloading ANY digital products from this site
  • Video 2Clearing your browser cache – INTERNET EXPLORER
  • Video 3Clearing your browser cache – GOOGLE CHROME

Still not found your answer? No problem!

If you haven’t found your answer here, no problem at all! We pride ourselves on our great service, so please don’t hesitate to contact us directly with your question, issue, or if we can assist you further.

Please either email us @: or through the Facebook messenger pop up on this site.

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